Christine Celis

Christine Celis grew up in the beer business, working with her father Pierre in the brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium and traveling with him all over the world to promote the family business. In 1991 she and Pierre founded Celis Brewery in Austin, and Christine served as President. She was also active in the brewery’s public relations and marketing efforts, often appearing on popular Austin radio programs and organizing promotional events – most tied to Austin’s burgeoning live music scene.

In 2011, she started to import beer with the company called Authentic Beverage Management (ABM), sister company of Artisanal imports. Her focus was to import award winning beers from small craft breweries throughout the world which are being sold in 22 states right now. She worked closely with the distributors, did many tastings to educate people on the interesting stories of these breweries and their unique brewing methods.

In 2013, Christine launched the Gypsy collaboration series with the goal in mind of creating unique beer recipes while developing a great brewing relationship with the brewer of that specific brewery in Texas, US or world-wide award winning brewery. The goal is to have a Gypsy creation at least once a year! The beer recipes needs to have a Belgian influence blended with American ingredients and “culture”.

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